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Most clutter and organizing websites have "Before" and "After" photos.  It doesn't matter how you used to live.  What matters is how you are living now, so I'm only going to feature "After" pictures!  Submit any pictures of your spaces after you've de-cluttered them and kept them clutter-free.  Just email them to me at cluttercoachkjm@gmail.com.  Please include your name as you would like it to be listed and a brief description of your clutter-free space.  For starters, here are a few pics of my personal spaces.

The closet my husband and I share  ---  a cupboard with everyday dishes - and our kitchen, notice the front of the refrigerator!

Jill de-cluttered multiple areas in her house after taking several classes.  Her email message: "After taking your classes, I've really come to the conclusion that less is more---and that I want to be in charge of a lot less STUFF!!  I can only hope that this philosophy is rubbing off on my 4 kids!!  Thanks again for the motivation!!!

Shannon took two classes and booked a private session, then used what she'd learned to redo her kitchen herself!
Her email message: "You inspired me to make low cost changes to my kitchen!  My spice cabinet is still organized after one year. 
Thanks for your help!"

Stacia uses clear egg cartons to organize her earrings.  She recommends using them open in a drawer, or closed and stacked.

Karen took the Home Office class and was inspired to transform her desk. 
Her message: "Kathi got me motivated to clean my desk, and it still looks like this."


Vicki took a class, then booked one session for help with her home office.  Here's the transformed space!  Her message: "I'm working at setting up files and making the last decisions on some of the books, but the new, clutter-free look of the room is energizing.  I really enjoy using the space!  I really appreciate your 80% level idea; it's helping me break the paralysis of perfectionism."

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